From Pet Products to Something More "Me"

From Pet Products to Something More "Me"

It wasn't easy to come to the decision of pivoting away from only pet products.  It was difficult... it tugged on my mind and nibbled at my soul for months.

In many ways, I wasn't even aware that this was what I needed to do.  I just knew that something wasn't right.

With time and lots of introspection with my partner, it finally dawned on us that THIS was the switch I needed.  And thankfully, although this was a sad decision, I was fully supported every step of the way.

This doesn't mean that pet products are done away with.  It just means that I get to focus my attention on a much broader scale - even if it is against smart business practices of being niche.

In my mind though, this IS all still very niche.  I'm not pursuing woodworks that I have no interest in - I'm creating and designing based on aesthetics and principles that I find interesting... and I can be (and am proud to be) particularly picky about that.

And in this way, with this mindset, I feel that I can finally create with a sense of freedom and most importantly, joy.

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