More than a Block

More than a Block

When asked if I could create Yoga blocks, I was a little surprised at first.  "Aren't they just wooden blocks?" I wondered.

But after reflecting on their shape, purpose, and functions... it became clear to me how they are "more".

Yoga blocks are support.  They assist by giving juuust a bit more reach, a biiiit more space.  They're helping hands... silent guides.

The way I began to approach these wooden blocks became more than just carving a rectangle.  I wanted to capture an essence.

The design then, became a sandwich.  A funny word, perhaps, but accurate I would say.

I picked two woods to contrast each other: poplar and walnut.  The poplar, light in color and weight, became the base to reflect the freedom and lightness of the soul.  The walnut, heavier, sturdier, and darker, became the bookends for the poplar - complementing and balancing each other.

The end result with this combination of hardwood is a satisfying feeling to the touch - smooth and gentle, combined with a good heft of weight for support and stability.  These blocks are much heavier than the typical foam blocks of yoga practices and they were absolutely meant to be.  I didn't want these to be "light" and "toy-like".  I didn't want them to be set aside without intention.  I wanted these yoga blocks to be just as present as the practitioner.

And I believe I have succeeded.

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