The Team

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I've been woodworking for seven years now.  My education and background started out in ceramics and fine arts (associate's and bachelor's degrees respectively) but I found throughout school that my passion gravitated towards woodworking.  Since my introduction to the craft, I was hooked and I've never looked back.  The fact that I could build functional objects to occupy my space gave me the feeling of being able to aesthetically shape and mold the world around me.  My goals are to pursue my curiosities within the world of woodworking - to let that sense of wonder guide my creations AND to share this passion with people who can appreciate the beauty and life that wooden objects can add to one's space and mind.



My partner, Don is the videographer, photographer, and the behind-the-scenes muscle.  We work on every project together and if it wasn't for him, I'm not so sure if some of the things I say would even make sense - I guess we can add spellchecker and proof-reader to the list as well.

Together, we want to bring the joy and beauty of woodworking to the world.  All the pieces I work on are personally designed and handmade.  And regardless of whether it's through satisfying ASMR videos, a custom project, or the products I've chosen to feature as my current favorite home additions, I hope you too will be able to feel the heart I pour into every piece and creation.

Thank you for being here and may the force be with you.