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Note: Prices and lead times may vary. Design, sizes, and colors can be tailored to your needs.


Note: All dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs

Lead Time: 7 Days

This playful hexagon design is one that isn't so unheard of or uncommon and definitely not created by me. The design itself is purchasable from companies that are able to manufacture it by machine.

The real benefits to this being created by me are that it is handmade, sturdy, and one that I'd used to study the behavior of cats' interactions with its shape and location in space.

From watching cats' interactions with it, I am now more able to create more playful and useful designs to bridge the gap between a functional piece for cats and kittens and aesthetic interior design.

This particular piece features Baltic Birch 9-ply plywood but if you'd like one, I can craft it from any kind of hardwood you'd like.

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